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Ed Zink's Legacy

Ed Zink

An Enduring Legacy

Our founder Ed Zink (1947 – 2019) was a Durango native who understood what it meant to be part of a thriving community. It meant being a steward to public lands, conservationist, business advocate, problem solver and promoter. Many times, all at once. Ed always kept the health of the Animas Valley, and our community at the forefront of his work. 

Ed opened The Outdoorsman in 1968. It was a general sporting goods store, but as Ed saw outdoor pursuits shift from hunting to cycling, Ed was quick to pivot the business the fully fledged Mountain Bike Specialists we know today.

But Ed, he didn't stop there. He was also a founding member of four additional organizations; Iron Horse Bicycle Classic, Durango Trails (Trails 2000), San Juan Mountains Association, and 4Core. Ed Zink's legacy lives on through these organizations and in the work we do everyday at Mountain Bike Specialists. 

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From the Very Beginning

Opening Mountain Bike Specialists became the launchpad for Ed Zink's 50+ year career at the center of Durango's cycling community. Ed's vision for Durango to become an international cycling destination was realized with the success of the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic and securing Durango as the host of the first World Mountain Bike Championships in 1990. 

Ed was always a big supporter of the Fort Lewis Cycling team and other community cycling organizations. It was his way of sharing the love of cycling with the next generation. A number of our staff were members of FLC cycling or Durango DEVO. Some have moved on to become coaches or professional athletes, and some are still with us today. 

Pack of road riders

Iron Horse Bicycle Classic

It is impossible to talk about Durango without mentioning our iconic train and the half century old Iron Horse Bicycle Classic. They are deeply woven into our unique cycling history. 

The Iron Horse began as a bet between two brothers. What would get to Silverton from Durango the fastest? A steam engine? Or a bike? Well, it goes without saying, the bike won. 

 The first official Iron Horse Bicycle Classic race began as a group of 32 cyclists racing the train on its first run of the season in 1972. And Mountain Bike Specialists has been an integral of this classic race since the very begining.

Mountain biker riding a Specialized S-works

Community and Character

Durango’s enthusiasm, beauty, and mild climate make it the ideal place to live, ride and train. So, it goes without saying Durango is where the serious cyclists come to prepare for their racing seasons. In fact, it's highly likely you will run into a few local celebrities when you visit our shop. 

For example, Vuelta a Espana stage 15 winner, Sepp Kuss, World Champions Ned Overend and Quinn Simmons, and Olympians Travis Brown, Ruthie Mathes, Todd Wells and Howard Grotts all call Durango home. And they bring their bikes to us. So, you just might run into one of them while you are picking up your bike, or stocking up on chain lube. 

Bicycle Shop and Cycling Museum

Durango’s cycling heritage is as rich as the silver and gold mined from the surrounding mountains. 

We are so proud to display the jerseys, bikes, posters, and trophies of our hometown athletes. They are a testament to their dedication and commitment to their sport. And proof of Durango's nurturing spirit. We are so grateful to have been part of their journey and are honored to share their stories with you when you visit our store. 

The museum also tells the story of trail advocacy and conservation. It highlights the importance of how forward thinking land managers and a community of outdoor enthusiasts and sponsors can come together to create a sustainable, healthy community for future generations to enjoy. 

Ned Overend's championship bikes and jerseys

Ned Overend's championship bikes and jerseys

Championship bikes and jerseys from Chris Wherry, Elke Brutseart, Mike Engleman, and Howard Grotts

Championship bikes and jerseys from Chris Wherry, Elke Brutseart, Mike Engleman, and Howard Grotts

Sepp Kuss Vuelta a Espana Stage 15 Winner, 2019

Quinn Simmons Junior World Champion jersey

Learn about the breadth and longevity of Ned Overend's cycling career while you shop. He might just drop in to say hi.

MBS has always been proud to support our local racers and watch them become world renowned competitors and champions.

Stock up on energy food and take a moment to ponder how many calories it took to win a stars and stripes jersey.

More stars and stripes demonstrate our enduring commitment to helping Durango cyclists fulfill their dreams.

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