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Bike Services in Durango


Service Rates

Here at Mountain Bike Specialists we pride ourselves in providing the highest level of service to our customers. Our goal is to make sure that your bike is ready for that next great ride. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to answer any tech related questions, and as always, our service is satisfaction guaranteed. We offer a 24-48 hour turnaround on most repairs.

Please call (970) 247-4066 or visit our store for a full list of services. We have free parking in the back of our store.

Premium Value Tune-Up: $60
This service includes a complete safety check, brake inspection and adjustment, shifting inspection and adjustment, and test ride.

Standard Tune-Up: $100
This service includes a quick bike wash and re-lubrication, complete safety check, brake inspection and adjustment, shifting inspection and adjustment, wheel truing, and test ride.

Annual Road Tune-Up: $175

This service includes Premium bike wash and re-lubrication, complete safety check, labor to replace bar tape and all shift/brake cable and housing, brake inspection and adjustment, shifting inspection and adjustment, bearing adjustment, detailed wheel truing and test ride. Parts are additional.

Annual Mountain Tune-Up: $175
This service includes Premium bike wash and re-lubrication, complete safety check, labor to replace all shift cable and housing, shifting inspection and adjustment, brake inspection and bleeding of hydraulic brake systems, bearing adjustment, detailed wheel truing and test ride. Parts are additional.

Brake Bleed: $45.00
Derailleur Adjust: $18.00 per
Brake Adjust: $18.00 per
50 Hour Fork Service: $75.00
Wheel & Rotor True: $28.00 per
Custom Bike Build: $260.00

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From the Durango Herald 4/16/2014

Customer Care

Woman trying bike
Bicycling is a dynamic sport, involving multiple muscles that are firing in unison to propel both rider and bike forward. A good position on your bike is essential for comfort, aerobic and aerodynamic performance, and injury prevention. At Mountain Bike Specialists, bicycle positioning is highly individualized based on your own flexibility, strength, experience and skeletal characteristics. The goal of the bike fit is to arrive at a more comfortable, efficient, aerodynamic and powerful position on your bike.

Mountain Bike Specialists guarantees that your bike will be comfortable. To improve our bike fitting skills, we went to the best for more training and information. Our fit specialists are certified in Body Geometry (BG) from Specialized Component University.

Our full body/bicycle fit includes the following assessments:

Pre-fit interview
Current and ideal bike measurements
Cleat position
Saddle fore and aft
Knee alignment
Handlebar and stem positioning


Fit Information

Saddle interface
Back/Neck pain
Hand Numbness
Foot/pedal interface
Knee pain
Soft tissue discomfort

For men, numbness and blood flow are two separate issues. Numbness is caused by nerves being restricted. The restriction of blood flow results when the internal arteries are compressed. For women, direct pressure points from a saddle cause pain and numbness. (PRESSURE = PAIN) – one of the reason people stop riding. Specialized Body Geometry saddles come in three different sizes to accommodate different sit bone widths. Body Geometry saddles are designed to eliminate pressure on soft tissues and arteries. Correct saddle fore/aft adjustment and level position are key components to saddle comfort and cycling efficiency.

When handlebars are too wide, a cyclist’s torso tends to collapse into the bike. This results in neck pain and/or pain between the shoulder blades. In general, women’s arms are typically 1.5cm shorter than men’s arms. Also, women’s hands tend to be smaller. Handlebars come in different sizes to accommodate different shoulder widths. Specialized handlebars have shallower drops for a more comfortable position. Women’s handlebars have a shorter reach to accommodate shorter arms/torso lengths.

Reach depends on flexibility, torso length, arm length, and core strength. If a stem is too long and/or too low, a cyclist will experience back pain. Specialized stems are available in a variety of lengths and designed to offer 15 different options in rise.

Cycling is weight-bearing on the forefoot and when a shoe flexes while pedaling, you can experience “hot foot”. This is because the nerves between the metatarsals get pinched. This is the main reason cycling shoes are stiff. Another cause for “hot foot” is when you have no support under the longitudinal arch. Specialized Body Geometry shoes are stiff so energy is transferred through the shoe. Specialized Body Geometry footbeds support the longitudinal arch and eliminates energy loss under the foot. This combination improves cycling efficiency and performance.

90% of the population has forefoot varus. This means the first metatarsal “hangs” higher than the fifth metatarsal. When a cyclist applies pressure on the forefoot, the foot collapses into that void. When this occurs, common symptoms are knee pain. For most people the foot is not directly aligned under the knee. During pedaling this leads to biomechanical inefficiency and a loss of cycling power. In some cases there can be knee or hip pain and the potential for injury. By using Body Geometry shims, the inefficient motion that originates at the foot can be controlled.

Pedal Cleat Analysis consists of the alignment of the three contact points on the foot. The three contact points are the shoe, cleat, and pedal spindle/crank arm. When pedals are correctly aligned to the contact points, the knee will also align with the pedal spindle/ crank arm. In simple terms when your pedals and cleats are aligned correctly your legs will be positioned to power your bike forward more efficiently, with more watts and without pain. The process begins by centering the cleat over the ball of the foot. Once the cleat is positioned, we will ask you to ride your bike on our trainer to analyze your pedal stroke. Our professional BG (Body Geometry) certified fitter will look closely at a various aspects of the pedal stroke and position to begin making adjustments to the cleat position.

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