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About Mountain Bike Specialists


Over the years, the Durango area has developed a reputation for offering some of the best riding Colorado has to offer. From Mountain Bike Magazine to Bicycling Magazine, our area has been dubbed a “cycling mecca.” Mountain Bike Specialists was singled out by Bicycle Retailer & Industry News as a “top cycling retailer.” Mountain Bike Specialists is staffed with cycling enthusiasts who want to share their passion with you.

Our shop has been the major sponsor of the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic since 1972.

Owner Ed Zink is a Durango native and a major contributor to the southwest Colorado cycling scene, with over 50 years spent at the heart of Durango’s cycling community. John Glover has been the manager of Mountain Bike Specialists for nearly 40 years. Our staff knows and loves bikes and equipment. We will take care of you.

Durango is truly a unique town, and nothing adds to its character better than the colorful cyclists that call Durango home. Lucky for MBS, we get to rub shoulders with many cycling celebrities that make the industry so much fun, including World Champion Ned Overend, and Olympians Travis Brown, Ruthie Mathes, Todd Wells and Howard Grotts. Chances are if you stop by the shop during peak hours, you’re bound to run into some of the pros.

MBS is a bicycle shop as well as a history museum for cycling.
Durango’s cycling heritage is as rich as the silver and gold mined from the surrounding mountains. The level of accomplishments and diversity within our cycling community is truly world class. There is no question that the jerseys, bikes, posters and trophies on display at Mountain Bike Specialists are testimony to the greatness of the areas athletes, and also proof of the nurturing spirit of the town of Durango and the Four Corners.

The museum provides a focus point for the tireless efforts of athletes, trail advocates, forward thinking land managers, a whole community of outdoor oriented people and a dedicated group of sponsors. Durango’s enthusiasm, beauty, and good weather make it the perfect place to live, ride and train.

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